Our Team

REVL Creative starts with the husband & wife duo - Ebenezer & Rachel Valvi.

Together, they formed a collective of artists, designers, and creators that make up REVL Creative.


Ebenezer Valvi 


Ebenezer has been a designer and photographer for the last 15 years. With a passion for the artist community, he has focused his last 5 years on gathering artists from all different fields in the Minneapolis area.

Ebenezer’s design expertise is in creating visually compelling print & marketing materials. He directs all photo & video shoots at REVL Creative & REVL Studio.


Rachel Valvi


With a background in International Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, & Graphic Design from the Minneapolis College of Art & Design, and the Fashion Institute of Technology, Rachel has focused the last 5 years on growing the content creation, fashion & design industry in the midwest. Her love for gardening gives her constant inspiration for her work.

Rachel flourishes in creating on trend, shareable content that is marketed to your target audience. She leads all creative content direction at REVL Creative & REVL Studio.


Tony Solis III

Director Of Photography

Tony has an extensive education & background in photo and video production. He has the knowledge and know how to create a captivating campaign story board for your project,

Tony is the lead on all video and photo shoots happening at REVL Creative.


Lois Valvi

Fashion Editor

Lois has an unending passion for fashion & print publications. She stays on top of all current trends and makers in the constantly changing markets of millennials, influencers, & trend setters.

Lois thrives at creating compelling copy that speaks to your target audience in print publications, social media, & digital marketing applications.


Trevor Davis

Copywriter & Copy Editor

Trevor has spent the last 10 years gaining experience and creating his extensive portfolio of copywriting and editing. He is able to take on the persona of your target market and create copy directly for them.

Trevor’s skills show through in creating copy that turns your browsers into buyers.